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Rhinitis Vs. Sinusitis

It may be quite challenging to differentiate between a relatively benign rhinitis and a more significant sinusitis. The most critical factor may be the patient’s description of the symptoms. A thorough physical examination including an endoscopic visualization of the entire nasal cavity and at time x-rays or CT scans may be required. Appropriate treatment hinges on identifying the correct diagnosis and establishing an individualized treatment plan. Dr. Liess has the knowledge, skill, and state of the art diagnostic equipment to effectively diagnose and treat the wide variety of nasal and sinus problems.


Nasal & Sinutus

Several theories exist and the issue is probably multifactorial (overactive immune response to inhaled foreign particles, air quality in the patient’s environment, bacteria in the nose and sinuses, fungal spores in the sinuses and variations in sinus and nasal anatomy).

Fresh clean air

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