Comprehensive ENT care for children.

Pediatric ENT

At Benjamin Liess, MD, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and respectful care to every patient and family. We provide information about diagnoses, conditions, and treatments, and can work with you, and your family to ensure the best possible outcome for your child.

We care for a range of problems and follow the latest accepted guidelines and use the most advanced technologies available. We treat Pediatric ENT problems both medically (without surgery) and surgically. Dr. Liess is committed to addressing not just the child who is the patient but including the whole family in the decisions on our treatment of that child. Physicians and families are partners in making the correct decision to meet each child’s needs.

Conditions we treat are:

Pediatric Services

We offer a wide range of services for children. Our areas of expertise include:

No matter what kind of ailment is affecting your child, our experienced Ear, Nose and Throat specialist can help.